Versatel confusion to cancel due to change of residence

Good day Mr. Korte,
They want to terminate your connection due to a change of residence.

Your notice for product base flat rate DSL 2000 is the end of your contract period 31.01.2012
effective and cover the following numbers:
0621-7248780 0621-7248781 0621-7248782

The closure of the port, we set up the desired date for you.
We need to prepare for this measure, which is to protect you from fraudulent use of your connection, a Ummelde- or when moving abroad a Abmeldebescheinigung you please, if not already done so, send to the following address:

Mailing Address:
Versatel Süd GmbH
PO Box 10 49 51
D-70043 Stuttgart
Fax: 0461/90 90 021

A premature termination of the contract, we can not agree because of the binding contract agreed with Versatel.

Use Versatel mobile, you will receive a separate letter from us. |
Thank you for your understanding.

Yours sincerely,

My facts: Since 2001, a customer of Versatel 16.000er line at the new location (the woman pulled) is already T-Online / Telekom.

Surprising are the sentences with "Your date" of the "basis for this action" and "is not agreed early termination" at the same time one. This behavior of Versatel may be legitimate, but must really any provider now be an asshole when a customer goes ...

Can I now but prematurely withdraw from the contract if I Ummeldebescheinigung faxes? (By email, she worked as scan it).

In forums we read of transfer fees over 200 euros that would become common.


Video: 25 minutes documentary // // In 2007 Sven Väth

A really great about and with Sven Vath 2007 25 minute interview / documentary, now made available as streaming for all.



New track on Soundcloud

This track is exactly one year ago - September 2010 - originated in the studio space by Matthias Z. Mannheim, as we tried the extreme side chain and sounds, are to reduce pumping in the background.

Chris Korte @ a: fact studios - Back is not an option by cekay


USPS letter instead of goods


Fun with what you have to deal with everything as an individual, when a supposedly purchased the item from China on eBay.

To pay customs duties and VAT. For the import, you can still see. But if a company is cheating between the transport business and still staying strong hand me going really high alert.

For goods for 49 Euro is € 83,90

Goods - a bridal veil for around 49 euros including free shipping -. Germany supposedly no longer in stock will be shipped directly from China.

Instead of goods from China, a letter from the USPS was the € 21.50 + VAT. Required for processing.

After nearly an hour search in various Internet forums and blogs I'm on a blog post, pushed by Online Strategy Consulting Geiger, the beautifully shows step by step how you can avoid high fees.

By Selbstverzollung!


Captive of Society - My Armageddon

I have my speaking voice awarded in 2009 this song.

Annett Pathe: Lyrics & Artwork / Vocals
Sebastian Schleinitzstraße: Music & Production / Vocals


Video of the Month - OFFF Barcelona 2011 Main Titles

Here's a funky, dramatic, surreal, threatening acting HAMMER VIDEO!