New Track on Soundcloud

This track is exactly one year ago - September 2010 - created in the studio space from Matthias Z. in Mannheim, as we tried the extreme sidechain and sounds to mitigate the pumps in the background.

Chris Korte @ a: fact studios - Back is not an option by cekay


USPS letter instead of goods


Insanity with what you have to deal with everything as a private person, if you bought a product supposedly from China on eBay.

To pay customs duties and VAT. For the import, you can still see. But if a company is cheating between the transport business and still hand vigorously staying me is the real high hat.

From goods for 49 Euro is € 83,90

Goods - a bridal veil for around 49 euros including free shipping -. Supposedly no longer in Germany in stock will be shipped directly from China.

Instead of the goods from China, a letter from the USPS came the € 21.50 + VAT. Required for the processing.

After almost an hour of research in various Internet forums and blogs, I'm on a blog post pushed by Online Strategy Consulting Geiger, the beautifully shows step by step how you can avoid high fees.

By Selbstverzollung!


Captive of Society - My Armageddon

I have my speaking voice lent 2009 this song.

Annett Pathe: Lyrics & Artwork / Vocals
Sebastian Schleinitzstraße: Music & Production / Vocals


Video of the Month - OFFF Barcelona 2011 Main Titles

Here a funky, dramatic, surreal, threatening acting HAMMER VIDEO!


Super fun with a Palit Nvidia GTX 460 graphics card * solved *

Fun is meant here in the ironic sense. The story goes like this: a graphics card bought in September 2010 on ebay new from dealer, after five months begins to make them to problems (even when booting the computer graphic errors). EBay merchant attempts by supply confirmation, billing address and phone number to contact: None.
Since I have already swallowed and immediately tried to contact the distributor. The jurisdiction where I was confirmed by a supervisor and was asked to provide the serial number via email. Then I was called an address where I can send in the defective card to be carried out a repair under warranty.


The top 5 portals to movies and tv shows to watch online for free

At the latest after the blocking of also know the latest Internet users, that can be his favorite movie or series on the internet to watch for free. So actually without paying a cent to the Internet to fees.

So completely harmless but which is not, if you want like to see a current movie or your favorite TV show in English even months before the broadcast date in Germany. It is dangerous because it is firstly illegal and secondly make the operators of these sites through links and overlays of overpriced services with often hidden Abo`s their profits.

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