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Love FAP and fans - power Oesterreich now one on North Korea?
As you all know, is KINOX no direct links to the relevant stream, but indixiert it, as it also makes Google. Do you want to block as next Google? You destroyed by senseless demands the whole Internet!
Our culture developed by copying and Sharen and not by any restrictions. We are allowed to not let us push back to the Middle Ages, because some old sacks are still living in the last century. #neuland
It would have been so serious Copyrightverstoesse, why do not you contact us as any other simply by contact form and tell us your problems with? We handle all Copyrightverstoesse how each service must make it on the internet also.
But through a massive financial influence and lobbying tried their laws to supervise, and adjust so that it fits the Content Mafia you. # NonsenseGVU / VAP
Do not be pushed around by the content mafia and do not let you dictate what pages you are allowed to visit and what not. This decision should be left up to you! #freedom
We index the way, how many other services and legal movies and content, such as: and only store links and not direct content.
Because we not only stand by and watch, and you want to show at the same time, the censorship is not a SOLUTION, we have already set up over 30 Replacement domains with different IPs: please use the following domains for the beginning: -
PS: If you do not want to use our alternative domains, use the Google public DNS servers:!
Otherwise, a VPN, or Free Tor Browser be used!


Make some noise grocery

Calling all to go to his favorite store and pick up the craziest or funniest noise!


Beach Beaster of Theo Jansen

image For over 20 years THEO JANSEN developed "Monster" Plastic - mainly from old plastic tubes and cable ties. These sculptures move, eg on the beach by wind power alone.

It is fascinating to watch.



Scripted Reality

When did you last excited you sometime about the family / people / people / students in the seemingly on-site turned television programs, such as the allegedly cruel behavior would be so?

Welcome to the scripted reality.

Why does something actually so successful?

Video from ZDF:

Systematic madness - Media Lies

Thanks to CK of Facebook for the link


You must pick up a mailing.

Dear customer,
It is unfortunately failed deliver our messengers one mailing to your address.
Reason: An error in the Leiferanschrift.
You can get your mailing personally in our mailroom.
Here is a post label.
You should leave this post Print Label to can receive your mail item in the mail department.
Many thanks!
German Post AG.

Hm, funny, no notes to the Trojan was installed with attached to the email.

Things there ...


ACTA: The Dark Side of the Force

A comparable empire known so only from science fiction movies. It is not a huge Death Star, which is built in laborious work to eliminate the planet. No, you try to enforce laws that are aimed at least as keen on the users of the Internet.

The recurring bad thing is that you usually like to totally exaggerates and then to enforce the oh so harmless trifles. Knowing so already from the policy or when it comes to discussion salary increase.

A video with a good explanation about the impact ACTA ( Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement ) has:

Meanwhile, the ACTA text of the law is constantly improved somewhat and changed. Just so long until it can be enforced yet.

What can be done about ACTA?

In the following video which is explained very nicely. It talks about a list of Members which one can communicate his displeasure and calls for his favorite YouTube video maker to animate to even create such a video. ACTA is the digital Fußfessel want the lobbies Around you. Get introduced to flagella or give you a voice!

Google for ACTA:

More Unfassbarkeiten are blind us repeatedly shown on the channel currently smoke and mirrors on YouTube:

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