Facebook "Like" - "Like" button for WordPress [plugin] - update

Facebook has a possibility for publication, external to integrate the like button (Button) in Web pages. Frank Load Blog has written a well Documented report on how these automatically appends to his blog to every article in the blog by adding a few lines of code to the WordPress changed files. Beispiel des Like Symbols von Facebook auf der eigenen Webseite

The bitter aftertaste of such interventions is that you must make when you change themes or maybe even after a WordPress update, it changes again. Therefore I am glad that it already is a plugin for WordPress, which is the "like" or placed "Like" Icon Size.

Simple but practical and immediately installed on my blog!

Facebook which is then displayed as follows:


The nice thing about the whole thing is that Facebook uses the language settings of the profile. Assuming you have already logged into Facebook, so the cookie can be identified. So if you have found his profile on German, is from "Like" - "Like"



Contaxe WordPress plugin update 1.2

Contaxe - jetzt Geld mit Deinem Blog verdienen! The Google Adsense Alternative as a WordPress plugin name Contaxe get with version 1.2 after almost a year a small source code jerk . Now runs on WordPress 2.8 optimized and extended the control system.


Appreciation of the blogs by Intense Debate

I have just in 5 minutes, Intense Debate installed for my WordPress blog. This plugin extends the comment area with so many new, interesting and useful features that I had to necessarily incorporate :)


My blog can reTwittern + TweetBacks include

What does that mean again? I'll explain it this way: If someone else likes Twittert comes across an article of so much like him that he would like to briefly about what to write in the Twitter sphere, it is now easier with the click of a mouse.

Each facilitate interesting articles on Tweet

While Dr. Web still so busy is the blog's teach the automatic Tweet that goes at the time still in the beta phase contained Wordpress plugin called Twittersuit by Dan Zarella another way.


Donations Cloud - donate and 90 days are linked to www.cekay.de

Plugin Installed and configured properly, the Donations Cloud ((requires Donation cloud of Zirona )) only now the people who would like to reserve a place on cekay.de right link in the sidebar for themselves.

Until 31 October 2008, each entry gets a duration of 90 days (instead of the usual 30 days)


Enable with Seesmic the video blog messages

Seesmic plugin installed. This can be a single click Insert video messages, or visitors to add comments. {seesmic_video:{“url_thumbnail”:{“value”:”http://t.seesmic.com/thumbnail/JGqWgfwd1a_th1.jpg”}”title”:{“value”:”Mit Seesmic blog video messages allow "}" videoUri ": {" value ":" http://www.seesmic.com/video/qIE2MXkJ0X "}}}

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