Super fun with a Palit Nvidia GTX 460 graphics card * solved *

Fun is meant here in the ironic sense. The story goes like this: a graphic card bought in September 2010 on ebay new from dealer, after five months starts to make them to problems (even when booting the computer graphics errors). The eBay dealer tries by offer confirmation, billing address and phone number to contact: None.
As I have already swallowed and immediately tried to contact the distributor. The jurisdiction where I was confirmed by a supervisor and was asked the serial number to forward via email. After this I was called an address where I can hinschicken the defective card to be carried out a repair under warranty.


Mindfulness shopping

The Bauhaus at the checkout, with a small box plugs and screws for 2.50 euros. Before me, the shopping cart full of stones and exterior plaster color. Imagining to be a been patterned, but admitted I will not. The cashier next to me makes up the people behind me are friendly smiles at the new cashier and asked them to come to the newly-opened office, it is quicker.

Umpf ... great day.

Another day, another shop. Five people in front of me with the full to half-full carts. Any question whether I briefly with the six-card pack 1.5 L bottles of water before expected. "Yes it is!"

Penetrance pays off

Noch`n other day: I full car in line behind someone with 2-3 things. "Just go straight in front with a few things," I say and I will gratefully illuminated with a happy smile

Simply beautiful moment


Simple! Genial! Send large files with GETT - in real time!

A brilliant idea was implemented. The best-known file hosting services like Rapidshare, Mediafire and many others have the great disadvantage that you always have to wait until the file is completely hochegladen and then obtained an eternally long link. Most should one also yet to sign and the other pages need even Flash, Java or even plugins.

GETT need only a browser and the file

Step 1:

Select file (s) in the usual file manager

2 Submit

click and after a few seconds you get shown the link that you can redistribute.

To pass on the third link

Klever here, the big social networks like Facebook and Twitter are offered with the same symbols.


I have worked as a test 44.7 MB Wave file - a current working songs of mine - with the Chrome browser to send selected (possible should be selected multiple files at once) without logging me. After the file selection it has lasted about 5 seconds until I get the link. This can be as visible in the picture above copy immediately by double clicking to the clipboard or (installed either by own email server or the local email software, eg Outlook) on Facebook, Twitter or email and is distributed immediately to the recipient as Download clickable.

In my test, I started at about 50% on a different computer to download by typing the URL (including uppercase and lowercase) and click Download. This was transmitted with an average of 250 kB / s (In a 12 MBit line), where I upload speeds have about 60 kB / s. That I was so fast was done with the download as the upload and here the maximum speed of 60 kB / s then the server will be passed directly.

Will you accidentally close the window during the upload, you get the following warning message:



  • By default the uploaded file will be kept for 30 days after last download
  • If you want to delete the file itself again later, you should save the link
  • It must be uploaded any files with all extensions, as long as they are reasonable in the legal framework
  • by free registration name, password and email confirmation you get a three months holding time is counted from the last access and the statistics of the number of hits
  • The hits are counted according to page views, no details such as time or IP address


What I think is quite great that you can still add as many files to the link as a registered user. So it will save you in a fast exchange of the changes constantly new link conversation.


  • So far, no file size limit, where known
  • Media files like mp3 and avi get a play link that will play the file in real time

Since GETT is still a fresh start remains to be seen how pricing model will evolve. Anyway, we read of GETT on Twitter that they probably like to want a piece from Rapidshare and advertise to be a better alternative.

Thumbs up!

via Lifehacker

Entry at Killer Startups


Internet faster by changing DNS

In addition to Admuncher following does not necessarily bring a huge speed advantage, but a little it may be worth another DNS server to use. DNS Server geschwindigkeit testen

Short explanation: the name for example is Every time a new domain in the browser in an understandable for the computer IP address ( converted. Providers such as 1 & 1, Telekom, Alice, Kabel BW, Versatel etc. Send your own DNS server usually automatically when you connect to the router or modem. A ausführilche description for Domain Name System (DNS) can be found on Wikipedia .

Now I'm on the program Domain Name Speed ​​Benchmark encountered which measures a response time within 35 minutes of over 4700 DNS servers and the 50 fastest listing it. My result is seen in the right image.

My router is at my test came out that although a server of Versatel (my current Internet provider) DNS appears in second place, however, assigned DNS server: and consisting of the top 50 full- Rear lie.

In recent years, I am a big fan of become as one in addition to the faster response time through distributed worldwide server can even deposit their own favorite domains for Abbreviations there and can protect against phishing sites.

The test server can be changed in the DNSBench.ini, which was prepared according to the test and contains the 50 fastest DNS server. Located in the folder where the downloaded DNSBench.exe is.

On the left

Videos for setting the DNS server

under Vista (Windows 7 is almost identical)
under XP


Tutorial: Sounds and music from Starcraft 2

How to extract the sounds, language, sounds and music from the Blizzard game Starcraft II

The sounds and noises of all units in the game are stored in a single large file. These are found under the path where the game is installed in the folder .. \ StarCraft II \ Mods \ Liberty.SC2Mod


This zip file SC2Assets can be compared to a large ZIP or RAR file. To remove files from that file individually you need a tool called WinMPQ

WinMPQ can download it here:

For the program to work properly, you also need the Visual Basic 4 runtime files and the Runtime File Pack 3 These files are directly under the WinMPQ section to find on the page.


Sortiern Google email inbox automatically by priority

Gmail: When the inbox is to unübersichlich, you can now assign the important emails priorities. It works like this: Gmail recognizes which emails you read and who you contact most frequently (answered) has. If you have the system then trained a little, the inbox is wonderfully clear.


Reach are the settings - if the inbox is sorted or not - when logged Gmail account under Settings / Assorted inbox

Additional Information:

Google Help

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