Free Tools for the webcam

Beautiful gadgets I've found since I a LifeCam VX-6000 've bought for just under 35 euros on eBay. And here we go:

Manycom - Life Photo Manipulation (Windows PC)
It's incredible what has this software options. Contrast, many other paid programs look really pale. On the homepage, there are also tons of material created by users.

Macs do something similar for free: CamTwist

Online Webcam Fun

You just visited the link, agree with someone on a room name and enters this. Now it's only the Flash application to access the webcam and the fun can begin.

  • Website of Computing and Communication Center Aachen - Flash web conference rooms 4, 9 and 12-chat. Use their own name (login name) and enter the agreed room name. No registration required. Requires Adobe Flash.
  • - Here you can create a space and all who come into this space can be seen and heard. Not so comfortable operation as the RZ-Aachen side, but a few unofficial Adminiatrationsbefehle that you miss on RZ.

Minimebeam: (works currently not more)

A whole new way of communicating offers Seesmic , on this platform will be reply-Video only by the rolling of video messages and communicated. Who has a Seesmic account, can his blog with the Seesmic plugin easily upgrade by video.

Here is probably more for adults (Note: Here, offensive moving pictures shown, as there is no censorship in the WebCam stations) (no link)

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