Update: wpContaxe 1.1.1 beta - Unrivalled Content Payment Service



The current beta is again the hammer. It is for the Highlighter ((Context Sensitive Advertising = match a word to a current promotion, a link to the advertising is created automatically)) and for the banner section in the administrator area of ​​a revised range.

There are now 7 new rules with which you can control the display of ads exactly.

  1. What will happen ... if the visitor comes from a search engine
  2. the visitor is a regular reader
  3. dates between a certain range
  4. the current page is the home page
  5. the user is logged
  6. the amount is older than X days
  7. other

These rules can be via Ajax drop / down easily move with the mouse.


The plugin is still beta, because there may be errors in different systems might and the code is still refined. I have been able to find no errors.

Here download

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